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Plate and mug Everything will be Ukraine

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We deliver by Nova Poshta in Kyiv and Ukraine:
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We made sure that you could choose the plate or mug that is dearest to your heart. And even better — a whole set.

 Очень быстрая доставка: Photo - ORNER

Very fast shipping

 Подарочная упаковка : Photo - ORNER

Gift wrap

 Экологично и безопасно: Photo - ORNER

Eco-friendly and safe

 Креативный набор: Photo - ORNER

Creative set


  • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Material: white glass-ceramic
  • Made in France, decorated in Ukraine
  • The main illustration is made using high-quality and safe for health colors
  • Gift wrapper is included


  • Material: ceramics
  • Drawing method: hot decal
  • Internal coating: glossy glaze
  • Outer coating: matte
  • Volume: 350 ml
  • Height: 9 cm
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Weight with packaging: 370 grams


  • We do not recommend washing the cup in the dishwasher to prevent the artwork from being damaged by strong detergents

Article: orner-1851

Fast shipping
Fast shipping
High quality
High quality
Great gift
Great gift

Description Plate and mug Everything will be Ukraine

Plate and mug Everything will be Ukraine

We know that your morning starts with thoughts about Ukraine and a cup of your favorite drink. Therefore, we decided to combine these two rituals and added some more units to our patriotic collection. And they are all full of sincere and deep love for our Motherland.

 Photo - ORNER

So order for yourself and for your loved ones as a sign of support and unity. After all, Ukraine is above all!

 Photo - ORNER
 Photo - ORNER

In these difficult days for everyone, maintain your fighting spirit, courage and indomitability. It has been proven that any drink or dish from such dishes adds a charge of cheerfulness and courage.

Reviews about Plate and mug Everything will be Ukraine

 Store Review: photo



Review of ORNER store

Дякую, все супер!

 Store Review: photo 2



Review of ORNER store

Замовлення луже задоволена) Швидка доставка, опакування на вищому рівні. Раджу 100%!!!

 Store Review: photo 3



Review of ORNER store

Дуже задоволена, все супер!

 Store Review: photo 4



Review of ORNER store

Все добре, особливої уваги заслуговує пакування, дуже класно що так добре пакуєте навіть блокноти, у пупирчату плівку) навіть жодного шансу, що помнеться чи пошкодиться у дорозі

 Store Review: photo 5



Review of ORNER store

Продукція прекрасної якості зроблена з душею та любовʼю. Доставка швидка, товар гарно запакований , дуже вдячна та щаслива ! Разом до перемоги !

 Store Review: photo 6



Review of ORNER store

Гарні карти таро українською мовою. Художнику окрема подяка. Задоволена цим вибором 👍

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