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About us

ORNER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of tableware, stationary, goods for home and for soul.

Our products have been presented in Ukraine and abroad since 2013. We are chosen for the vibrant colors, funny and cute illustrations, and the emotions that accompany each product. And also for the friendly service and attention to details.

Our mission is to bring joy to every home. That's our time with family, coziness at home, cool gifts for friends, comfort and care in the things that surround us.. Therefore, ORNER products bring families together for breakfast, help plan the day and delight birthday people.

To keep it this way, we are responsible for each stage of production. High quality standards for ORNER are a constant rule within the team and in production. We are constantly working on improving materials, testing finished products. We also create unique concepts, designs and illustrations with our own design department.

We work for you so you could celebrate the everyday. Everything that we have for this is on the website.


Yur. address: 03066, Ukraine, 03066, Kyiv city, st. Yunatska (Solomyan district), building 4, apartment 3
TIN 3437212541
IBAN: UA653052990000026007016814134

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