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Mug Surprised cat

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Whatever in the mug you pour, it's tastier here even more!

Можно мыть в посудомойке

Can be washed in the dishwasher

Подарочная упаковка

Gift wrap

Сделано в Украине 

Made in Ukraine

Экологично и безопасно

Eco-friendly and safe

  • Material: ceramics
  • Glaze: gloss
  • Volume: 450 ml
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Made in Ukraine
  • The fairy-tale lives in every cup!


To prevent the illustration from any damage we do not recommend to use the washing machine

Article: orner-0403

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275 UAH
247 UAH
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Mug Surprised cat

You may belong to a tea-, coffee or smoothie- team, but one thing is sure — you belong to a cool mug team! Choose the one that describes you the best, or get one for your friend, and enjoy your favourite hot stuff even more!


Humans are amazing but strange creature. In the evening they complain that they want to sleep, but the hands reach for the remote control and turn on the series. Then they wake up, stretch and grumbl that they want to sleep again. 


Then they run out of the house because it is late, but still stop to get coffee in a cafe anyway, because it is late anyway. Although, it might have been easier to drink it at home from their favorite mugs. The humans are full of surprises so the Cats are all but surprised.

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