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Mug Lazy cat with donuts

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275 UAH
247 UAH
We deliver by Nova Poshta in Kyiv and Ukraine:
The delivery usually takes 1-2 days after dispatch

Whatever in the mug you pour, it's tastier here even more!

Можно мыть в посудомойке

Can be washed in the dishwasher

Подарочная упаковка

Gift wrap

Сделано в Украине 

Made in Ukraine

Экологично и безопасно

Eco-friendly and safe

  • Material: ceramics
  • Glaze: gloss
  • Volume: 450 ml
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Charged with positive emotions

Article: orner-1477

275 UAH
247 UAH
Same day shipping
Same day shipping
High quality
High quality
Great gift
Great gift


Mug Lazy cat with donuts

You may belong to a tea-, coffee or smoothie- team, but one thing is sure — you belong to a cool mug team! Choose the one that describes you the best, or get one for your friend, and enjoy your favourite hot stuff even more!


Name the ship, so it will sail. Our ship is called Donut Morning and it sails on the waves of tea, making small stops at the piers of sweets, donuts, croissants or cakes.


And then she raises the sails and sets off to uncharted shores, so that the lazy cat can be even more lazy and snooze  under the sun.

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