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Plate Cat in pizza

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275 UAH
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We deliver by Nova Poshta in Kyiv and Ukraine:
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Even tableware can be surprised by what and how much we are eager to eat! And frankly speaking, humor only stirs up the appetite!

Изготовлено во Франции

Made in France

Подарочная упаковка 

Gift wrap

Уникальный дизайн 

Unique Design

Экологично и безопасно 

Eco-friendly and safe

  • Diameter: 25 cm

  • Material: White Enamel

  • Made in France; illustration in Ukraine

  • Illustration painted with safe for health paints.

  • Sold in gift wrapping.

  • Charged with positive emotions and delicious breakfasts.


We do not recommend washing the product in a dishwasher, so as not to damage the picture with strong detergents.

Article: orner-1055

275 UAH
220 UAH
Same day shipping
Same day shipping
High quality
High quality
Great gift
Great gift


Plate Cat in pizza

If you are looking at this page, most likely you love to eat and you are looking for beautiful dishes for your kitchen masterpieces. Or your friends love to eat and you are choosing a cool cool gift for them. In any case, you are on the right track!


When you eat so much that you no longer fit in your favorite bed, you can always fit in your favorite pizza. At least that's what the owner of this cat thinks.


And if you also want to eat something delicious 24/7 - pick up a plate by ORNER with a funny character.

Reviews (3)
Наталія Новікова
Дякую за якісне обслуговування, швидку доставку товару. Тарілочка та чашка високої якості! Малюнки яскраві та дуже милі!
Команда ORNER
дуже дякуємо за відгук! користуйтесь із задоволенням :)
Дуже гарна тарілочка! Малюнок дуже гарно виглядає як і на фото, так і в живу, хочеться посміхатись:)
Olga Kostina
Кот прекрасен, из-за него заказала еще две смешные тарелочки, все крутые, спасибо!
Команда ORNER
Спасибо за отзыв :)
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